The Martin Agency was taked to help Clue in reinventing their brand. They were creating a new, modernized version of the game and wanted us to help tell the world. What resulted in March of 2023 was an immersive 4 week long murder mystery experience that played out entirely on Instagram. With multiple posts a day,@officialclue shared interrogation videos, anonymous tips, new evidence and breaking news stories to send internet sleuths down a crime-solving rabbit hole, unraveling a mystery years in the making.

Design was given the challenge of reimagining the narrative of the board game for a modern, socially connected, and digital audience. Our approach involved crafting a system inspired by the suspense and dramatics of classic cinema and the intrigue of traditional whodunits. Our design strategy focused on maintaining brand recognition through distinctive assets, while also incorporating diversity to stimulate engagement. Aiming to make a quick impression while fighting visual fatigue, we leaned into a minimal, intense look that allowed the narrative and it’s elements come to life. 




cd | alberto ortez
ad | raiven delisle,
sydney aloe
cw | karly brooks,
kelsey whipple
dsn | rique santiago, bruno cintra, robyn makinson, jenni renas

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Bold, Punchy, Dramatic

In this exclusively social media-driven approach, bold and vibrant colors were essential to revitalizing Clue for the digital era. Infusing the game with a fresh vibrancy, we introduced a dynamic palette that amplifies its visual impact. While remaining faithful to the original color scheme, we consistently reinforce each character's unique style whether through the predominant use of their signature color or subtle accents.

Tabloid Inspired

Our goal was to craft compelling, attention-grabbing content that would captivate viewers. On social media, large headlines, minimalist backgrounds, and iconic imagery are crucial. We aimed to produce visually stimulating content that not only maintained Clue's brand recognition but also ensured its continual prominence in the minds of our audience. Introducing elements of surprise and variation was key to sustaining engagement and preventing a sense of déjà vu among viewers.

Taking cues from tabloid and news formats, we utilized carousel posts to narrate a story with each installment. Over the course of this four-week investigation, we developed and curated numerous specialty elements to enrich the content and heighten its impact.



Original Elements 

By revisiting previous assets and elements from the game, we refined and simplified them to better suit the social media format. Examples of this can be seen in the updated usage of patterns, room shapes, and rounded corners. Additionally the incorporation of a type treatment that pairs with the original font, resulting in a more dramatic and intense visual aesthetic.

For character imagery, we used cropped images, focusing on eyes or darkened profiles, adding mystery and drama.

Overall, our aim was to maintain the recognizable Clue aesthetic while elevating it to a modern entertainment franchise standard.

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