I was apart of the branding team for SCAD's annual CoMotion event held for Motion Media students. This was a collaborative project that combined the efforts of many majors including motion media, animation, and sound design. I worked as the graphic designer for the team and helped formulate the look and feel of printed and digital assets. This was a project I worked on outside of class with the rest of the CoMotion Team. I really enjoyed this project as it was a chance for me to work with other people rather than just on my own.

Creative Director:
Joash Berkeley

Lead Animator:
Leah Evans

Matt Van Rys

Graphic Designer:
Jenni Renas

Designers / Animators:
Diego Abad
Kayla Beehler
Joash Berkeley
Gretel Cummings
Chrissy Eckman
Leah Evans
Veró Gómez
Becka Riccio
Bridget Roden
Yukari Schrickel
Natalia Serrano
Joel Thomas
Amy Wallace

Sound Editors:
Ian Chase
Eric Stapleton
Mathew Conzelmann

Eric Stapleton

Re-recording Mixer:
Ian Chase
Eric Stapleton
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