The Busch Guide by Busch Guy


If the Busch Guy were to create a survival guide, what would it look like? This is the initial question that kicked off my part in assisting the Busch Light team’s Superbowl Campaign.

After figuring out how this book would look and live, we decided to push it further, then expanding nto a full on brand book for the Busch Light company. Transitioning from Busch Guy’s Wilderness Survival Guide, to Busch Guy’s Brand Book Survival Guide. 

created at the martin agency




cd | dustin dodd, graham unterburger
dsn | robyn makinson, jenni renas, molly dauphin
ills | mark cassi, jenni renas

+ Superbowl CAMPAIGN

A wilderness survival manual created and patented by Busch Guy with the goal of helping beer drinkers de-escalate any wilderness snaffu’s. With the help of Busch Light, of course.

Here is the spot that played at the SuperBowl. My work consisted of designing the Busch Guide as well as the handdone treatment + styling of the legal copy and tagline in the spot. 

+ Busch light brand guidelines

The “Brand Survival” go to for marketers, designers, and distributors as they navigate the unrelenting challenges of keeping consistancy across the Busch Light brand. 

Key question here, “How do we make a digital book look like a real, rustic book?” One lovingly carried by the Busch Guy himself no less. The answer? So. many. layers. Textures, scanned elements, handwritten notes, hand done tabs, and many many more elements came together to create our 81 page digital survival guide. 

at the moment...
Desperately attempting to become bilingual. 

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