A current WIP, this campaign is focused on bringing awareness to Trader Joe's pickle popcorn through Instagram as well as a microsite.

Insight: Pickles are a food craze of 2018, and there have been some pretty weird combinations rising to the surface. Pickle culture is huge, and these fans feel very strongly about what they think belongs and what doesn't. 

Concept: Trader Joe's adds to the conversation that is going on in the pickle universe, and further implores Instagram followers to cast their vote on which pickle variation deserves to make it onto Trader Joe's microsite. The microsite will consist of all the winners who have received the highest votes and have earned their Pickle Rights. 
Art Direction: Jenni Renas & Olivia Sergi 
Copywriting: Jenni Renas
DISCLAIMER: Student work and not in anyway affiliated with the Trader Joe's corporation. 
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